10 months ago
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WTF86 4.1L V6 TT maiden outing! Booted off the drag strip for going "too fast" :O

Well, it's been a long time coming. We have had our fair share of problems, but finally we were able to fix up the diff/cv issue and put the repairs to the ultimate stress test: The drag strip.

We loaded the trailer up and towed WTF86 out to Willowbank raceway with the thanks of Dave from GT Auto Garage.

Now this is not a drag car, however since we are competing in an upcoming roll race at World Time Attack later this month, so we needed somewhere to give the car a shake down. Somewhere that wasn't going to result in us being arrested and the car taken to the impound.

The WTAC roll race (aka Flying 500) is conducted on a no-prep track, as such 1300hp RWD is next to useless and would likely just smoke up the rears. We figured we might need to tap into the MoTec and enable the traction control system to aid us in keeping the car pointing straight.

It was a packed afternoon out at the drags, with motorbike night taking up the majority of the available slots.

Even still, we managed to get 4x runs in.

The traction control was limiting the wheel slip by pulling boost and timing out of the map, probably reducing the power output by up to 500hp, even still we were able to set some decent times. Best of all we didn't break anything and we've at least finally been able to experience what the car is capable of, even if it has taken a year to get it on the strip since it was completed.

Unfortunately we were banned from any further tests until we fit a parachute to be in line with drag racing regulations.

If we wanted to, I am sure we could shave a second or more from the ET by fitting drag tyres/suspension and engaging launch control, but... this is a street car, not a drag car, so that isn't likely to be happening any time soon.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get to this point, and thank to GT Auto and my "pit crew" for helping out on the night :)