10 months ago
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WTF2J: Let's talk suspension setups! Coilovers, height, spring & damper rates explained by MCA.

Our supra was in dire need of some new suspension, so we took her to one of the best in the business. MCA Suspension.

Here we have Josh Coote give us a run down on what makes a good suspension setup, including ride height, spring rates, damper rates and how they determine just what is needed to achieve a customers aim for the vehicle.

SInce we want our Supra to be a combination of street, strip and track, this of course means we need to compromise a bit of everything, so we will see Josh work his magic on our Supra.

We will also touch on our Stanceparts aircup supension (full video to follow soon!)

Can’t wait to take her back out to the track to see what kind of improvements the suspension upgrade has made!

We also get to take WTF86 out for it's first drive on the street in 3 years! Listen to that gearbox whine!

Special thanks to MCA suspension and Stanceparts.

Video by Domestic Mango