11 months ago
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WHICH ONE? i30N FASTBACK vs i30N Hot Hatch - Detailed comparison & differences.

We were lucky enough to get a close up look at the newly released i30N fastback while it was sitting right next to the i30N hot hatch from Hyundai.

Weighing only 15kg more, and offering 55L more boot space, which of these 271hp track capable road cars is your pick?

To run us through the subtle and obvious differences we have a chat to Geoff Fear from N Performance and get a close up look of all the differences and similarities between the two models.

This video is ahead of the official media release so we are unable to reveal details such as the model pricing or the actual driving experience, but be sure to check back in a week or so, where we will show what it's actually like to drive :)

Special thanks: Hyundai Australia, N Performance and Geoff Fear.