2 years ago
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What is TURBO FLUTTER & SURGE? Is it Bad? Myth-busting in our Nissan R32 GTR!

Big Single Turbo JDM Import Nissan Skyline R32 GTR - flutters, compressor surge and technical tuning chat.. What is it, how does it hurt your turbo, and does it happen?

Filmed in the StreetFX Forza GTR.


We accidentally say "Blow off valve" during the video at one point when meaning "Throttle body" closing, this is obviously an error. A blow off valve helps alleviate the pressure in the intake during closed throttle surge, "blowing off" excess boost.


We touch on the difference between open and closed throttle flutter. As an additional bit of information here, it was pointed out to me that closed throttle flutter is actually known as "reversion", whereas open throttle flutter is more accurately called "compressor surge".

Both are technically compressor surge, and both sound essentially the same, however the different conditions under which they occur are important to identify.