5 months ago
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We buy the first GR Supra in the country & test it! Aus exhaust issue, Dyno & 0-100kph.

Well what a year! So far we have bought 2x JZA80s and now an A90 Supra.

The special thing about this A90 is that it is the first customer car in Australia, thanks to Toyota Gazoo Racing Aus & Scifleet Taringa.

Since these cars are so in demand, we had to pay for it sight unseen, and only had a very quick drive of a press car in Phillip Island.

Since most people won't get an opportunity to drive one before being able to throw their money down, I discuss some of the options, costs and details surrounding the Australian delivered car.

Amongst other differences, it appears that the Australian car has a much quieter exhaust than the rest of the world, lacking the loud crackles and pops that we have seen on other vehicles.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments :)