10 months ago
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This is one of the world's wildest Toyota 86's, with a 1006hp R35 GT-R engine swap!

With over 1000hp at the wheels (around 1150hp at the fly), and weighing in at a little over 1200kg, Josh Coote's MCA Suspension Toyota 86 has a power to weight ratio of nearly 1:one .. And it absolutely FLIES!

We are lucky enough to be local to MCA Suspension, producers of some of the best coilovers money can buy, so whenever we need suspension, we turn to MCA. With nearly 30 years of experience building extreme suspension setups, it's clear to see why MCA has emerged as one of the world's leading brands, and it's no surprise to see a fair majority of the field of Australian time-attack cars running MCA's.

One of the first cars to be fitted out with MCA's new line of "entry level" coil-overs was our very own Toyota 86. Shortly after this, Josh bought his own road going 86, which quickly became Australia's fastest circuit GT86.

Not too unlike our path, the FA20 didn't last long and was soon replaced with a naturally aspirated VQ37 (from an Infinity/Skyline 370GT).

Soon after Josh felt the need for more power, considering how well the car was handling, it seemed like the next logical step to, well.. nearly triple the power output to massive 1006wrhp.

The VR38 took the place of the VQ37 which required only minor adjustments, since the firewall had already been modified to make way for the previous Nissan V6 donk.

In this interview we have a chat to Josh about everything that makes this beast tick, from the cooling system, a very unique driveline with mid mounted sequential gearbox, and some advanced aero that keeps the time-attack car planted.

Anyway, sit back, relax and listed to the sweet sound of those twin turbos pushing this mental creation around the race track at mind a seriously boggling pace.