3 months ago
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The Valvetronic exhaust system on the AU spec supra is utterly useless.. But WHY?!

It's no surprise that different markets get different features, but this one makes absolutely no sense.

The Australian spec valves pretty much do NOTHING.

Typically a valve helps keep the exhaust quiet so you don't annoy your neighbours, especially during cold start, but almost as importantly when you're cruising through your neighbourhood.

We found the AU Spec cars have a valve that is open ALL THE TIME except when it's cold, for the first 15 seconds or so, and then it never closes again..

We have no idea why this is the case, or what logical sense it makes. It was only after we had a chat to Matt Erjavac, a MK5 Supra forum member in the USA who showed us just how differently his system operates.

And let me tell you it makes a HELL of a lot more sense to operate like this.

In Australia, the "sports mode" doesnt change the exhaust, all it does it change the crackle tune.. The exhaust under idle and accel sounds identical.. But how?? Does this mean our exhausts are different? Even though the part numbers are the same?

And what possible logic behind it is there?

Anyway, this video was purely made for curiosity sake, and may help some fellow aussies realise why their cars sound so quiet compared to our mates across the pond.