7 months ago
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Stock i30N vs 380hp i20N WRC Rally Car on the same course!

Ever wondered how much difference there would be between a WRC car and a closely related performance road car on the same course?

Well, thanks to Hyundai, we had the chance to find out at Raleigh International Raceway, where we constructed a rally-cross style track combining some gravel, mud and mostly tarmac.

With Hayden Paddon behind the wheel of both cars, we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to put our hand up to tag along as passenger in this head to head comparison.

Even Hayden was surprised with the outcome, considering one is a stripped out race car and the other is a reasonably luxurious road car.


i30N: 1480kg, 281hp, FWD

i20N WRC: 1190kg, 380hp, AWD