7 months ago
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Redbull Air race plane vs 2000hp of cars: Brabham BT62 Hypercar, Porsche GT2RS & F1!

The Adelaide Motorsport Festival never fails to deliver, and this year's main attraction was Matt Hall's Redbull Air-race plane taking on a trio of cars that never usually would be seen together!

1) Porsche GT2RS, the $750,000 supercar packing 700hp and weighing only 1460kg.

2) Brabham BT62, nearly $2 million dollars of carbon fibre and 700hp of V8 grunt, atop an astoundingly light 972kg chassis, driven by David Brabham himself.

3) 1989 Leyton House Formula 1, with 600hp and weighing in at 575kg, driven by ex F1 driver Ivan Capelli.

We have a chat to the pilot and the drivers of the cars to see what they think is about to happen.

Special thanks to Adelaide Motorsport Festival for the incredible 5 day event!