2 months ago
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My Supra tried to WRECK itself: Stability Control FLIPS OUT! Brake pad & Pilot Cup 2 tire upgrade

In this episode, my GR Supra tries to go off-road into a wall at the track, we install some Circo S88 race pads, some Michelin Pilot Cup 2s, HKS brake fluid, and discover that the car has some more annoying ECU quirks like unexplained limited power limp mode on the track..

It's been a while since we have had a chance to release this video due to all the craziness in the world, but this episode covers a few topics. From the troubled stability control that REFUSES to turn off, issues with limp/reduced power mode on STOCK car, and we also do a back to back test with the stock Michelin Pilot Super Sports agains some fresh brand new Michelin Pilot Cup 2s to see how much time we can shave off around Queensland Raceway.

Unfortunately the track conditions were far different for each test, but it still goes to show how much room the car has for improvement when it comes to grippier tyres!

Someone at Toyota needs to stop this traction control from having a mind of its own as it has the potential to be dangerous when it randomly decides to do whatever it feels like even when it's disabled.

The Australian spec car seems to suffer some weird limited power mode when being driven hard at the track after a few laps in hot temps, which we hope is fixable...

Massive thanks to Michelin for the hookup on the CUP2s, Yokohama Australia for the stunning black Advan GTs, Motorsport Brakes for the Circo S88 pads, and as always, thanks to GT Auto Garage.