10 months ago
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IS FORMULA-E BORING? We go to Hong Kong to find out! :)

We all know electric is the way of the future, but just what is Formula E like as a spectator and as a driver?

Every time the topic of electric racing comes up, images of kids toys and RC cars are front and centre in most people's minds, but is there more to these million dollar electric Formula cars?

We head to Hong Kong to chat to some of the teams and drivers to get the low down on what powers the cars, what it is like to drive and whether or not the lack of a combustion engine is as bad as people say.

We took a list of questions from our viewers and hit up Daniel Abt, driver for Audi Sport Formula E.

In the five years since Formula E began, this round is the first wet track, which will prove to be very testing for the cars and their pilots.

Special thanks to Daniel Abt and team Audi Sport.

Cutaway videos courtesy of FIA Formula E.