1 year ago
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INSANE 900hp BMW M50 Turbo E30 with AWD and 7spd dual clutch transmission (DCT) conversion!

Talk about a SLEEPER!

Doron has a ride in one of the craziest conversions we have stumbled on this year.

This 325i not only has an AWD swap from an E34 525iX, it sports a sizeable Precision 6466 turbo, AND has a full DCT dual clutch swap out of a BMW E92 M3. Talk about engineering the ultimate conversion!

Nisse Järnet is the mastermind behind this incredible creation.


M50 turbo awd
Autronic EMS
Precision 6466
525ix AWD system from e34
M3 e92 DCT gearbox 7spd with a custom made conversion kit

Credit: Benny and Doron, and Nisse.