11 months ago
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INSANE: 1000hp BMW E92 M3, 10k RPM RB26 drift MONSTER! The Driftsquid!

We have travelled the country to nearly every car event, but never seemed to have been able to line up a chance to chat to the owner and builder of this MENTAL BMW M3 E92.... Until now!

We have a chat to Jake Jones, aka The Driftsquid about what makes this beast tick and look at the incredible attention to detail that it took to bring his dream to reality.

Before you purists out there get up in arms over the engine swap, we would like to point out that this E92 was saved from the scrap heap after it was written off in an accident, and turned into one of the best drift builds we have ever seen!

Now powered by an RB26 stroked to 2.8L (aka RB28), this incredible machine pushes out 1,000rpm, revs to nearly 10k rpm and sounds like nothing else!

There is nothing quite like getting to jump in for a passenger run in this monster, and we can't thank Jake enough for the rush :)

You can learn more about this car, and even find out where Jake will be next by checking out www.driftsquid.com

Video by DomesticMango.