3 years ago
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I'm an Idiot! Nearly Crash My Race Car on Highway at 100kph, All on Camera

While filming an episode with Kahli about why race-cars don't make good road cars, we had an "incident" whereby MT was so busy filming the engine bay, he forgot to re-latch the hood (aka: DUMBASS!)

On the highway, the wind picked up underneath the hood, blocked vision and this could have ended up OH SO BADLY.

With a truck tail gating Kahli driving the Forza R32GTR, MT couldnt hit the brakes, and just had to hope for the best with zero visibility.

In this clip, we have a bit of a look at some of the StreetFX project cars (Soarer Aerocabin, R32 GTR and FD RX7). We then make the trek out to GT Auto Garage, where Kahli gets her first taste of the big power GTR.


Once at GT Auto Garage, we threw Kahli in the driver's seat of the GTR, and tried to get some rolling shots of the cars side by side on the highway, and well... for the rest -you'll just need to watch as MT learns a valuable lesson!


Thankfully everyone was ok. It could have been so much worse. We ended up with a smashed windshield, a busted carbon fibre hood and a dented roof (oh and MT has a bit of a bruised ego)..

I guess at least we got it all on video :\