1 year ago
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How we set up ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONING in our 1300 hp road-going race car

Yes, I am one of those people who wants their car to do EVERYTHING.. Go fast, have a stereo, be comfortable, look good, and retain all the modern conveniences like electric windows, power steering, ABS, cruise control, central locking and above all else AIR CONDITIONING!

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If you've ever been to the track on a hot day, or driven your "track" weekend hack on the road, in the sweltering sun - you will know just how "old" it gets, and you're most likely going to give up that enjoyment for your nice cool air conditioned daily driver.

OK, I know what you're thinking, that I am some spoiled brat - but believe me, as you get a bit older, sweating your butt off in your car, while taking the mrs to a function is most certainly not desirable. Not to mention, that by the time you get there, you probably stink of sweat mixed with E85...

The other plus to retaining air conditioning is the front windshield DE-MISTER. These work by drying the air with the air conditioning cranked, and even with the heater on while the AC is turned up, you will de-mist your windscreen. Handy for those cold mornings or evenings.

Anyway, over the course of the 86 build, we received hundreds of questions about how we retained AC in such a heavily modified car. Obviously when you start doing engine swaps, adding things like dry sumps and so forth, space becomes limited, not to mention you want your intercooler and radiator getting a healthy dose of unadulterated cool air forced into it, rather than having to first go through a bent up old AC condenser (which sits in front of the radiator).

So, in this episode we go over the entire configuration of what we used. This system can be as simple as merely swapping your compressor for an electric one and retaining the rest of your factory condensers, heat exchangers and receiver drier.. OR you can do what we did and relocate your condenser to the back (we mounted ours under the floor)..

If you are interested in this product, shoot us an email to sales@streetfx.com.au, we ship worldwide and can offer trade pricing for companies.

Products featured here: https://streetfx.myshopify.com/search?q=rencool

Cover photo by Danny Irvine