11 months ago
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Guy runs VW Jetta up makeshift ramps onto porch to avoid Hurricane Florence floods :O

At first I thought the guy (Debbo Green) was crazy until I saw the video of it actually keeping the car above the water level! :O

This video is a compilation of the initial parking, along with some live streaming video by LaSha taken as the rains started to fall, and concludes with some video showing the vehicle perched above the flood waters after the occupants had been evacuated.

The occupants of the house state "My husband had a great idea to keep our car safe flooding and convert car power to the house electricity in case the hurricane got as bad as expected. The governor said to be prepared to be without power for days. We're just a family trying to prepare for the un-preparable."

Got to admit, it seemed like a stupid idea at first, but we have to hand it to them, it was actually pretty clever, and from the video at the end, it looks to be the only car on the block that didn't go underwater.

We wish those impacted by the floods all the best.

You can donate to the flood affected residents and families here:


or here:


Original video used with permission from LaSha Ross.

Second video section from fb user Bianca Sinclair.