3 years ago
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#F8 What Lies beneath, "The Ice Charger"? Behind the Scenes with Dennis McCarthy!

We get a behind the scenes look at Dom's All Wheel Drive, 500hp V8 "Ice Charger" as featured in the new (soon to be released) Fast and Furious 8 "The Fate of the Furious" (F8), with the man who chooses, designs and builds cars for many box office smash movies - Dennis McCarthy!

From the All Wheel drive train, partial tube chassis, incredible long throw suspension, and packing a 500hp V8 engine, this is a serious bit of kit!

We have been lucky enough to see the movie before it screened and get a sneak peek of the cars in this special garage. We will post the full video interview with Dennis after the official release date, to ensure we don't post any spoilers!

Massive thanks to Dennis McCarthy, Vehicle Effects, NBC Universal and SMG Studios.

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Some close up pics of the charger below: