1 year ago
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Episode 3: WTF-2J, What 1/4mi time can a stock boost supra run? The search for 10's!

Well we are almost done with our "stock" testing! Over the coming months we will show you what is needed to get a JZA80 into the 10's.. That is, if we can dispel the myth that "all supras run 12s" :)

For our baseline run, we throw a set of drag radials on the back of our "almost" stock supra (ok, it has some mods, like a single turbo conversion BUT it is still running stock boost.. we would have loved to start with a completely stock supra, but these days that's a rarity to find!).

We used drag radials so tyres are not a variable across the build.

This is our baseline to compare all modifications to.

Over the next month or so, we have all the parts required to hopefully hit our goal of somewhere around 700+rwhp.

Stage 1: As-purchased (stock with GTX3582R single turbo conversion, 10.5psi - stock boost)

Stage 2: ECU and tune

Stage 3: Upgraded fuel system

Stage 4: Upgraded intercooler, intake

Stage 5: Turbo upgrade

Now this car build is an "all rounder", not a drag car. Meaning that it needs to be streetable, comfortable, capable of going around corners, competing in time attack, as well as being able to hold it own on the drag strip.. As Vin Diesel says - you owe me a 10 second car!

Next video we will have us getting a baseline run at the circuit to see how the old girl can handle herself on stock tyres, stock brakes and mild power.

Special thanks to
Tuners Edge
GT auto garage
Domestic Mango