1 year ago
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Episode 2: WTF-2J Supra - Tests you should run BEFORE you buy a car, & our dyno run!

EPISODE 2 of the WTF-2JZ Supra build!

In this episode we introduce you to our newest staff member Chantel, we take you for a drive in out 800whp R32GTR, grab some take away food at a loca drive through to prove that big power cars can still be practical, then we head to GT Auto Garage to see exactly what was needed to be fixed on our 20 year old classic Japanese sports car (the JZA80 Supra project car).

We brush over a few things that could help you from making a terrible mistake when buying a new (second hand car), such as a compression test, a leak down test and a coolant pressure test.

Once that's all done we throw her on the dyno and see what power she lays down at the treads on stock boost.

Lastly we get it set up for some drag racing by fitting some MT ET Streets to give us the best chance at a decent time.