11 months ago
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Ep1: We bought a... Hyundai?! The worst thing about owning one. Our NSPORT i30N project car

The worst thing about driving an i30N... is that people think it's going to be slow and refuse to let you pass...

If you'd said I'd be driving a Hyundai one day, I'd say you were off your rocker, or I'd made some pretty poor life decisions.. But here we are with our very own i30N..

After test driving one for a media release last year, and again earlier this year, we just had to add one to our collection.

And so begins Project NSPORT.. Follow us as we test, tune, modify and race our i30N.

In this video we throw it on the dyno minutes after taking delivery, laid down some impressive stock figures, then load it up with a set of Trofeo R semi slicks and headed off to Queensland Raceway for some spirited driving.

At the track the little hatch back didn't let us down either.

Some highlights of today's track day in the i30N, and one negative to taking a Hyundai to the track...

1) It's so frustrating getting stuck behind a guy that's fast in a straight line but slow around corners.. Note: It's illegal in Time-Attack to overtake on corners, cars fast on the straight are instructed in the driver's briefing to allow faster cornering cars to pass, blocking is against the rules.

2) I also went for some lawn mowing across the infield after switching to brand new tyres.. Oooops .... :P

3) It's quite easy to get sideways :D

This is the first FWD I've ever owned, so I need to get a bit of driver instruction I think.

Today's best time was 1:04.1 on the clubman circuit.. There were 83 cars on track today so it was difficult to get a clean run. I think I can get into the 1:03's relatively easily.

To put into perspective, here's my previous PB's in my other cars:

Lamborghini Huracan (stock): 1:00.610
Nissan R35 GTR (modified, Z221): 0:59.49
Nissan 180sx (500hp RB26, Z221): 0:58.807

Either way this car is incredible fun for completely stock!!

Probably a second or two in it with a driver mod.