3 years ago
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C7 Corvette Stingray gets Stalked & DESTROYED by 770hp AMG C63S

While we were putting a Corvette C7 Stingray through it's paces along route 33 in the hills of California, we encountered a modified C63 AMG. We had no idea just how modified it was until we pulled over after chasing each other for about an hour.

After playing a bit of cat and mouse through the hills, we both pulled over to have a chat. A pop of the hood revealed two huge upgraded Borg-Warner turbochargers and loads of supporting mods by Power-Technik Inc.

2017 C63S Edition 1 Coupe.

Adjustable coilovers
Carbon ceramic S63 rear brakes (C63S only has CC on the front stock)
3" downpipes
Bridgestone RE71R tires
Twin BorgeWarner EFR 7163 turbos ,
AMG GTR twin scroll manifolds

770Bhp at the wheels, 750ftlbs
@25psi boost On 91oct

Huge thanks to Andrew from Power-Technik Inc for the fun drive and giving us the footage from inside his car :)

PS: Route 33 is incredible, we highly suggest it!