10 months ago
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Building a 10 second Supra! Stage 1: ECU upgrade Haltech. How much power is an ECU alone worth?

Episode 6: So, now we're starting to hit the performance mods.

First thing we need to do is tune the car, which means out with the factory ECU and in with the Haltech Elite 2500. This wouldn't have been possible without the patch loom created by Boomslang fabrication that made plugin of the ECU a breeze. The haltech is available with many common patch looms, however the VVTi engine is not one of those available on their list yet.

Thankfully Boomslang have a plug and play patch loom ready to go, and since we want to run fly by wire and some other additions to the system, they were able to customise our loom by request, in a very short period of time. Great guys to deal with and something that has made our solution far easier and quicker to solve!

The switch to the Haltech gives us control over everything from fuelling, ignition and cam timing, monitor input o2 sensors and other parameters otherwise not available via the stock ECU.

So, how much power can we squeeze out of the 2jz with NO OTHER CHANGES, aside from the ECU? Bear in mind we still are running stock injectors and stock fuel pressure regulator, so we are maxed out at 440cc.

We will also find out what kind of impact will that have on our 1/4mi time. Care to guess?

Let's try it out.

In this episode we switch ECU's throw WTF2J on the dyno and then take her to the strip to see whether the extra power can get us closer to our 10 second goal.

How much more power do you think we will need to get into the 10's on a H pattern Getrag 6sp?

Feel free to let us know :)

Oh yeah that's our 2J in those final pictures, lookin beautiful.

Next episode we will upgrade the rest of the suspension components to hardrace bushes and arms, to make it handle better than it did 20 years ago when it rolled off the factory floor.