9 months ago
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350hp i30N! We took 6 weeks to build a GTi & Type R KILLER! Project NSPORT

From stock to time attack weapon in a little over a month :)

Six weeks ago we took delivery of a totally stock i30N and decided we wanted to pit it against some of the toughest competition on the market, at one of the most competitive motorsport events in Australia - World Time Attack Challenge!

The entrants to this event aren't merely mildly modified weekend warriors. The field consists primarily of heavily modified AWD and RWD cars with upwards of 600hp... It seems even silly to think that a little Hyundai would have any chance of keeping up with any of them right? Think again :)

With the help of N-Performance and GT Auto garage, we turned our stock i30N into a track weapon in a little over a month. Only throwing a handful of small modifications at the practical family hatch back, saw it knocking on the door of around 350hp & 500Nm, up around 80hp & 100Nm from the factory 2.0L 4cyl turbocharged engine.

Unfortunately rushing things like this meant we were basically doing testing AT THE TRACK during the competition, not exactly ideal, but we did exceptionally well all things considered.

A large part of our success was our very skilled driver, Jordan Cox - no stranger behind the wheel of incredibly fast FWDs, and certainly no stranger to Sydney Motorsport Park.

With a few minor modifications we were able to drop nearly 100kg, and add increase power by around 30% on the already spritely vehicle.

We were competing in a class where most of the competition had far more horsepower and far less weight. We were the only legitimately street legal, street registered car in the competition, and the only car that drove to and from the track every day.. Oh and we wiped the floor against every other hot-hatch, not to mention a few other sports cars that became casualties of the humble Hyundai, including some GTR's, Evo's, RX7s and WRXs.

At any rate, this very basic package we put together just goes to show just how incredible Hyundai's platform is. The entire list of modifications can be rattled off in just a few lines:

PWR intercooler & Radiator
Racechip from Ramspeed
GCG highflowed turbo
MCA coilovers
Blits FRP hood, CF splitter and CF skirt
TCR wing
XForce exhaust
Koya wheels
Circo brakepads and slotted rotors
Solar Style tinted windows & Opticoat

Yep, any average joe could replicate the majority of the performance parts from our build for around $6,000 AUD ($5,000 USD) and still comfortably drive to and from work every day (wing excluded).

Huge thanks to GT Auto Garage, N.Performance and Hyundai Australia for all the help in making this project happen and being available to answer questions at all hours. Without their help this project would never have made it to time attack.

So, what's next? Well, more power of course.. Coming to a track near you.. Hunting down all the hot hatches ;)